What Are the Best Credit Monitoring Services

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Value Credit Monitoring Service

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SAAS based DIY configurable comprehensive solution for continuous task based performance appraisal and task management. Learn more about UPRAiZAL

SAAS based DIY configurable comprehensive solution for continuous task based performance appraisal and task management. Learn more about UPRAiZAL

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Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2018

AAACreditGuide January 8, 2018 Credit

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is a Credit Monitoring Service?
  • 2 Do I Need a Credit Monitoring Service?
  • 3 What Are the Types of Credit Monitoring Services?
  • 4 Which Credit Monitoring Service Should I Choose?
    • 4.1 LifeLock
    • 4.2 Identity Force
    • 4.3 Experian
    • 4.4 Identity Guard
    • 4.5 MyFICO
  • 5 How Do Credit Monitoring Services Protect Me?
  • 6 What Do I Do If My Credit Monitoring Service Finds a Problem?
According to data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were 332,646 identity theft complaints in 2014 – and a significant number of those complaints resulted in fraudulent credit card accounts and bogus charges.

With large-scale data breaches becoming more and more common, the Experian/T-Mobile hack that exposed the records of 15 million T-Mobile customers in 2015 comes to mind.

Having a reliable credit monitoring service is essential for everyone who wants to be sure their financial information hasn’t been compromised.

However, not all credit monitoring services are created equally. And finding the right service that provides the protection, information, and resources you need can prove challenging.

If you’ve never thought about credit monitoring before or if you don’t know where to begin, this article will help you to understand the benefits of credit monitoring services.

It will teach you how to protect yourself and what you should look for when choosing the best credit monitoring service for your situation.


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CalibreBest Free Network Monitoring Tools for Windows 10/8/7 Electronic monitoring of employees How to Spy on Snapchat Remotely A guide to best practices for contract administration - GSA


  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • GOV.UK guidance on monitoring staff at work
  • PROS: Continually developed by community, Helps companies find gaps in security
  • CONS: Can be exploited by hackers, Quick DNS lookups


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