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GPS Tracking Software For Your Mobile Phone

Gone are the days when mobile phones had lots of limitations. The major use of a mobile phone was simply to communicate. Today, however, the same is not the case as new mobile handsets are being produced and launched into the market.

Mobile phones have become our companions. You carry them virtually everywhere you go staying in touch with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Many at times, people who are not in close proximity with each other, discuss on phone without actually knowing where the other person is speaking or calling from. Although this may not seem to be a problem on the surface of it, you might need to explore the capabilities of your phone by going beyond merely communicating.


What Do I Mean By This?

You can turn your phones into spy devices.

The Highster Mobile comes in handy here with its unique GPS tracking software. The mobile tracker is able to track the location of a phone through its GPS technology. It keeps track of the target phone as the phone moves or changes location.


Click Here To Remotely Locate Any Phone With Highster Mobile From The Safe Official Website

Phone Location Update

This phone tracker app continues to update the location of the phone as it detects its movement. This is done every 10 seconds.

This GPS Tracking Software is Useful if You Find Yourself in the Following Situation Where You Want To:

  • Locate a stolen phone.
  • Monitor the movement of someone you sent on an errand.
  • You may want to closely monitor teenagers and children .
  • Closely supervise employees at work.


Is that all that is?

The answer is no! There are a whole lot of other functions that this mobile spy performs.

Other features include: (a)  Spying on all text messages received or sent by the target phone.

(b)  Keeping of all call logs (whether incoming or outgoing) on the monitored phone.

(c)  Through GPS, you can keep track of your target's location up to 20 metres away, anywhere in the world. The location is then displayed to you through Google maps.

(d)   Views all the photos and videos that are on the monitored cell phone. It is completely cloaked in such a way that the target phone has no idea of knowing.

(e)    Highster Mobile gives you the ability to view every email (both sent and received).


How Many Phones Can You Monitor At A Time?

One license of Highster Mobile you purchase lets you use the app on one device. If you need to monitor another phone or device, you will have to purchase another license.


General Precautionary Measures

  • DO NOT USE SPY DEVICES THAT ARE EASY TO SPOT – Read reviews to know about them. They save both time and money. If you have purchased one that is easy to spot, return it or buy another.  Spying looks like a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous. Do not let a poor quality product put you in danger.
  • DO ASK QUESTIONS – Do not be afraid to ask an associate for help or recommendations. You may also get useful spying tips.
  • DO NOT HAVE AN ONLINE ORDERED SPY DEVICE SENT TO YOUR HOME IF YOU CANNOT BE THERE FOR DELIVERY – This is very important if you are spying on someone in your home, like a spouse or a neighbor. Some delivery companies leave packages with anyone in the home and even neighbors. This is the quickest way to be caught. You aren’t spying yet, but your intentions are already known.

If you cannot be there for delivery, arrange to have the item delivered to your work, a friend’s house, or pickup the item at the local office.

  • HIDE YOUR RECEIPTS – If you were given a receipt after purchasing the spy device, make sure it is hidden. If buying online, do not use a joint credit card.

The Highster Mobile is a phone tracker app that you easily download. In addition to this, its name and cloaking feature makes it a spy detective that goes on detected.